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Welcome to Themekit's support area. Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions, resources such as textures, objects and scenes and recorded demonstrations that can be played back using the MindFormer object design tool; extremely useful visual examples of how to use some of the more advanced features of MindFormer.

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Get support for the Virtual Reality Explorer kit, includes help, infomation, FAQ's and example recordings.
Get programmers support' for the MindRender API; The FAQ and some example programs are available from here.
Visit our Texture Zone for all your texture needs.
Visit the Scene Area to download worlds created using the VREK.
Visit the Object Area to download some interesting objects created in MindFormer.

Resource Bonus Collection #1 (Posted 3rd July 1997) 

This set of objects and textures are free for VREK users. 

Read the Bonus Collection #1 description

Download the latest VREK tools direct... 

Download the latest version of MindFormer (V2.2). Posted 20th August 1997. Size: 788,606 Bytes 

Release Notes For MindFormer V2.2 

This program will only run if you have a licensed copy of the VREK.

Download the latest version of MindSetter (V2.4). Posted 29th August 1997. Size: 560,503 Bytes 

Release Notes For MindSetter V2.4 

This program will only run if you have a licensed copy of the VREK.

Download the latest version of MindViewer (V2.4). Posted 29th August 1997. Size: 558,904 Bytes 

Release Notes For MindViewer V2.4 

The scene and object browsing tool. This is available to anyone. 

VREK User Guides Click here for the VREK User Guides and Installation Guides. 

(Supplied as Word for Windows format compressed using PKZIP) 

VREK Installation Click here to download the complete VREK Installation V1.3 (5.31 MB). 

Uploaded 2nd September 1997


(1) Move the VREK13.ZIP into a temporary directory (eg. TEMPVREK) 

(2) Unzip the VREK13.ZIP file using PKUNZIP VREK13.ZIP 

(3) From Windows run the SETUP.EXE program and follow the on-screen instructions. 

(4) Once the installation has completed, you may delete the TEMPVREK directory. 

Note: MindFormer and MindSetter require the VREK Dongle in order to run. 

This dongle is delivered as part of the MindRender VREK product. 

Object File Format Click here for MindFormer object File format specification.

Please direct all questions to : FAQ's
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