Othello by Mike Robinson
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The buttons

UndoTake off the last move
HintThe computer will show the move that it would play
PassIf you cannot move
PlayForce the program to play the next move
+Play at a harder level
-Play at an easier level
ModeSwitch between
  • Playing the computer
  • Playing a friend
  • Watching the computer play itself
NewStart a new game or, if pressed again, will allow
you to set up your own positions

Technical features...

This is a strong fully featured othello program allowing you
to play against the computer, a friend or watch the computer
play itself. There are 10 levels from beginer to expert. You
can undo moves back to start of game, ask the computer for a
hint or even set up your own board positions. This compact
Java program runs on any machine.

Setting positions

You can click the New game button twice and then click anywhere
on the board to place pieces how you wish. Clicking on the same square
will cycle between black and white pieces and an empty square. When
your ready press Play to start.

Installing Jade Othello locally

Press download and save the zip file in a local directory. Unzip the file
which will produce the three files :-
  • jade.html
  • jade.class
  • jade.zip
Use your browser (Netscape/IE etc) to view the jade.html file
and start playing. If you don't have unzip then just load and save the
html and class files above into your local directory. Your browser must
be java enabled.


Mike Robinson - mike @ bikesandkites .com (remove spaces to make email address)

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