Diamond draughts by Mike Robinson

Features of Diamond Draughts

Very strong checkers / draughts player. Java so runs on any machine.
Levels from novice to expert. Names the opening being played.
Undo moves to start of game. Set up board positions. Many options. Shareware.

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This Draughts Program is Shareware

If you enjoy playing the game then please send a cheque for 15 US Dollars
or 10 British pounds (or whatever you can spare in whatever currency you use !)
and help support shareware.

Mike Robinson
mike @ bikesandkites .com (remove spaces to make email address)

Changing levels

Use the options screen to change the level of play. There are 10
skill levels from novice to expert. The levels are based on both time
and what strategies are used. Obviously faster computers and those
that pre-compile java to native code will play better than slower

Setting up positions...

In the options screen change the mode to set up board.
Use the back or new game buttons to view the board.
Clicking repeatedly on a square will change the piece on that square.
Clicking on another square will place that same piece on the new square.
Press the play button to make the computer start playing.
If a black piece was placed last then the computer will play black.

Game history

A game history in standard notation will be given if you press
the history button in the options screen.

Installing Diamond Draughts locally

Press download and save the zip file in a local directory. Unzip the file
which will produce the three files :-
  • diamond.html
  • diamond_v45.class
Use your browser (Netscape/IE etc) to view the diamond.html file
and start playing. If you don't have unzip then just load and save the
html and class files above into your local directory. Your browser must
be java enabled.

Mike Robinson - mike @ bikesandkites .com (remove spaces to make email address)

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